Best practice bookkeeping for keeping cashflow flowing

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Best practice bookkeeping for keeping cashflow flowing
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Mon Oct 31, 2022
1pm AEST


For growing businesses, maintaining a clear overview of your accounts receivable is essential to managing cashflow effectively and putting your money to work. In this webinar, we’re looking at best practices for managing accounts receivable proactively, a fundamental skill for any business!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Making accounts receivable work for you
  • Setting up sales invoices and adding a logo
  • The importance of terms and conditions
  • How to set up automatic reminders
  • Importance of invoicing straight away – don’t delay
  • Where to implement automation to reap the benefits
  • How to run an aged sales receivable report

This webinar is designed to empower you to get the most out of effective accounts receivable management by creating a systematic, consistent, and low-admin collection process that has a positive impact on your cashflow.

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Renee MinchinCEO of 2account and proven CFO

Renee is the founder and director of 2account and a proven Chief Financial Officer (CFO), leading the practice and clients by directing administrative and reporting services that are focused on reducing client business risks. At 2account, we work to empower our clients by sharing relevant, insightful content on current issues, accounting best practices and more through webinars and virtual events to help your business thrive.

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