CFO Services

Our virtual CFO Services are designed for established Australia-wide businesses with an annual turnover of up to $20m.

6. Cfo Services

An outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) will help your company review your financial strategy, make educated financial decisions, identify operational efficiencies, develop strategies for business profitability and innovation and maximise your cash flow.

2account CFO Services include: 

  • CFO Advisory (for short term goals, project based & long term advisory)
  • Budget preparation and cash flow management
  • Identifying growth opportunities for your organisation
  • Forecasting
  • Accounting system reviews and implementation
  • Staff training & staff support

Your 2account CFO will be on hand to deliver accurate reporting and expert, growth-focused advisory, training and analysis. We have established long-standing relationships with the banking, investor, and vendor communities which help us support your organisation further.

Depending on your location and requirements, our team can deliver CFO services in-person as well as virtually.




The CFO services in detail:

CFO Advisory (Short Term Goals/Project Based)

Short-term or project-based CFO Services and Advisory can include:

  • Business opportunity assessments
  • Advisory services for one-off projects, including fundraising and cash management in a crisis
  • Business planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Risk management
  • Business process reviews
  • Interim accounting services
  • Identifying essential information to capture, both financial and non-financial
  • Setting up systems, controls and workflows to capture information efficiently and accurately

CFO Advisory (Long Term)

Long term CFO Advisory is designed to help you achieve your company’s goals and desired outcomes. This type of CFO service can include:

  • Documenting your company’s goals and desired outcomes.
  • Assigning your organisation resources in the most effective way in order to achieve your financial outcomes.
  • Assessing the financial requirements needed to achieve your organisation’s objectives
  • Aligning business support systems and controls to execute your strategy
  • Analysing your company's financial strengths and weaknesses.
  • Proposing corrective action where we identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Helping you allocate financial resources between operating groups.
  • Internal financial reporting
  • Acting as a dedicated CFO within your company
  • Corporate governance and internal controls
  • Overhaul your financial reporting and analysis
  • Providing customised reporting solutions, including management and board reports

Budget Preparation and Cash Flow Management 

A budget is essential for an organisation’s financial success. We will prepare and implement an effective 3-way budget process and monitor its performance on an ongoing basis. Using an ‘Actual to Budget’ comparison with variance analysis, we can help you glean valuable learnings from your company’s past and set clear goals for its future.

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Based on your capital needs and structure, we can identify relevant sources of capital and develop a Capital Formation Strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

Forecasting — including rolling cash flow forecasts

Forecasting is the process of using historical data to make financial projections in the long run. We will review your actual performance against the most recent forecast and build variances into your rolling forecasts so you can identify if you need to take action (for example, bring in extra staff or stock).

Accounting System Reviews & Implementations  

Do you want to improve your organisation’s accounting system? Our expert team will conduct an independent review of your current accounting systems and cash controls, and implement best practice standards.

Staff Training & Staff Support

2account CFOs are dedicated to facilitating the success of your in-house finance department. To achieve that end, we can:

  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of finance staff
  • Interpret financial reports for non-finance managers
  • Ensure optimal set-up and use of accounting services amongst staff
  • Enhance your in-house reporting and data management controls with an Excel and Accounting package on-site or online training
  • Assess staffing skills and flag knowledge gaps
  • Recommend improvements to ineffective financial administration practices
  • Increase confidence in financial systems and controls
  • Ensure all your employees are working in a common direction

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