Resident Director Services

For local and foreign companies seeking to operate in the Australian market

7. Resident Director Services

Are you a local or foreign company looking to establish a company or subsidiary in Australia? The Corporations Act 2001 requires all companies registered in Australia to have a local Australian resident appointed as a director of your company.

What are the legal requirements of an Australian Resident Director?

Australia is slightly different to other jurisdictions, because:

  • The Resident Director carries the same regulatory responsibility and risk as a Managing Director. (This means the role has significant responsibilities.)
  • There is no requirement for a separate Company Secretary and Nominee Director role. (So you can hire an organisation that offers both.) 
  • Australia also requires a company to have a Public Officer role, which a Resident Director can also fulfil. (Just as we do here at 2account.)

Since Directors' responsibilities are stringent, choosing a Resident Director is an important decision. It can be challenging to find a suitable person who is willing and able to take on the responsibility and risk — particularly when you’re a global business that doesn't have feet on the ground here in Australia.

That’s where we can help. 

Why Partner with 2account for your Resident Director Services?

At 2account, we're confident and capable of managing risk and complex regulatory requirements — with a strong track record delivering financial and administrative services to high-compliance companies operating in highly regulated sectors, including ASX and AFSL.

We can also provide Non-Executive/Independent Directors for ASX companies and AFSL holders — alongside specialist accounting  services for ASX Financial Compliance and AFSL Financial Compliance — to manage your compliance obligations.




Your 2account Resident Director will:

Offer expert advisory on the correct corporate structure, regulatory requirements and appropriate governance processes

Securely manage your subsidiary set-up, including the incorporation of your Australian entity and ASIC regulatory requirements

Act as your subsidiaries’ Public Officer as required by the Australian Taxation Officer, and lodging documents with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australia's Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

Provide Company Secretary Services including policy documentation, board minute preparation, ASX guidance and lodgements, shareholder communications and board paper preparation as required

Manage your ongoing financial administration

In short, we’ll look after you and your company.

The Benefits of Hiring a 2account Resident Director

Maintain Compliance

With experienced, industry-specific Resident or Nominee Directors and meticulous lodgement and financial administration services.

Full Service Solution

As well as a nominee Resident Director, you’ll also get access to accurate Accounting, CFO and Bookkeeping services to support your company's growth in Australia.

Custom, Tailored Packages

All our financial and administrative services are tailored to our clients. Scale up or down as required

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Don’t let finding a suitable Resident Director stop you from setting up business in Australia

2account provides the full suite of services to ensure your Australian subsidiary remains compliant, including an experienced Resident Director and meticulous accounting services, bookkeeping (including payroll), report preparation and submissions, as required.

During this call, we'll discuss your business requirements and put together a tailored solution. To do this, we initially require an overview of you, your business, and your plans for operating and conducting business within Australia.