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What if you could simplify your payroll process so it isn’t something you dread every Tuesday? 

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Payroll Ebook Guide3 Min

This super easy-to-digest ebook shows you:

Quick, no-fuss answers to your most urgent questions about payroll (so you can stop trawling the internet in confusion)

Where to (actually) start if you want to make payroll a breeze

The EIGHT cannot-be-ignored steps for paying your staff right the first time

Simple step-by-step walkthroughs for your critical payroll tasks

How to set up PAYG to make your life 1000% times easier

Smart time-saving advice for paying employee leave

How mastering your payroll the SIMPLE WAY can help you scale faster

And more!

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Never worry about your bookkeeping and financial admin again

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Payroll Ebook Guide

De-scarify and conquer your payroll process, once and for all

Here’s the deal: You want to do your own payroll, but it's time-consuming and confusing. So let’s change that.

Download the FREE ebook now.

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This ebook is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to take control of your payroll, but feel overwhelmed with it (or not sure where to even start)
  • Want to streamline your payroll process so it isn’t something you dread
  • Are a small business owner who needs clear action steps
  • Want to get through the necessary admin fast and with confidence, so you can get back to doing what you love

*100% free. No credit card required. Get instant access.

I would highly recommend 2account. Having a dedicated team means my financials are receiving the attention required which gives me the peace of mind to enable me to work on the things I am good at.

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2account provides us invaluable financial guidance and support to ensure we are meeting all our regulatory requirements and financial objectives.

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COO - PAC Partners

2account really take the stress out of our accounting needs.

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